When embarking on a new project it’s important to plan for the installation of modern structured cabling.  The equipment and services we use in our homes today have moved on a long way in the last decade and we need to make sure that any new project has cabling that not only workings for today’s demands but also for any developments we can see in the future.

A lot of effort has been made by manufacturers to offer their devices with built-in services that can utilise a home’s wireless network and incoming services, however this is not always the best solution.  ‘Cabling is King’ – by planning for a well-connected home you can reap the benefits for years to come.

Benefits of correct cabling

The benefits of installing a good infrastructure at a build or refurbishment stage are multifold and include:

  • Having the ability to discretely integrate and distribute Internet, Entertainment (TV, satellite and music), Computer and Communications systems around the home without having to trail any additional wires.
  • Adding value to the home by ensuring that future buyers’ home technology needs are met.  Having integrated services like multi-room audio are now key points on homebuyers’ shopping lists and can affect the potential sale of a house.
  • Preserving the décor and structure of the home by planning for future needs (retro fitting cables can be very disruptive and costly).
  • Allowing technology to work with you to create an environment where the equipment is sympathetically installed and out of site.
  • Providing the correct wired infrastructure to enable a robust wired and wireless network to support simple functions like browsing the internet or watching on-demand TV without any buffering.
  • The ability to enjoy multi-room media systems throughout the home.
  • Enabling the home for future Digital Healthcare applications.

Extra Low Voltage Head End (ELVHE)

The ELVHE is a location in the property where all the incoming services (TV, Satellite, Telephone etc.) are run to and where all outgoing services for the house are run from (TV and Networking sockets etc.).  Depending on the size of the project this can be a small cabinet that can live under the stairs or in a closet, or in larger installations a plant room or garage.   By installing a structured cabling network with an ELVHE at its centre you can create a more centralised system offering you the benefits of a well-connected home without distracting from the décor of the property.