Security is an area that is growing in popularity years on year.  Consumers are now looking at security elements installed into their properties.  But what do we mean by security?  In days gone by this meant lots of big chunky CCTV cameras dotted around the property linking back to a centralised recorder that no one ever looked at unless something happened.

Today security elements can be added to your property, which actually helps you day in day out.

Internal cameras can be used instead of child monitors with the images being displayed back on the same remote you use to change the channel on your TV.  A visitor presses your doorbell that actually is a small camera and instead of it ringing a bell in your house it rings your smartphone, even when you are not at home!  This could then be linked to a smart door lock allowing you to let the visitor enter without you having to do to the door.

By using a technology company like us, we can look at all the different solutions on the market and come up with solutions that will work for you and be value for money.