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By working closely together with other trades we can assist in helping projects run smoothly whist incorporating your client’s technological needs. Here are just a few trades we work with on a regular basis.



Consumers are fast becoming more aware of the advances in technology and are requesting this to be incorporated into their new homes. Services like a good-wired and wireless network; Multi-Room Audio, Centralised Equipment Rack and Intelligent Lighting are now high on their demands. Incorporating technology into your projects at the design stage can make for stunning results with minimal to no visual change to the overall design.

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Clients are now requesting more from their homes. Services like Multi-Room Audio and Intelligent lighting are fast becoming normal services which potential purchasers are looking for in their new home. By including simple measures like the incorporation of structured cabling into your projects will make your developments more ‘future ready’ and appealing. Buyers are requesting more than just a double power socket and an aerial point for their audio and visual needs.

construction and building companies

Construction and Building Companies

We all know how building projects can change as they proceed; clients asking for services to be included which were not on the original design can be a thorn in the side. This is where we can help…

We can advise on the installation of services at this important stage to help the customer get what they require and take the stress out of this potentially daunting and disruptive request.

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Self-Build & DIY Projects

We have been working closely with many individuals over the years that are embarking on a self-lead project. Generally, funds are tight and there are 1001 things to sort out. Making sure you are making your new home as future ready as possible is a must. Installing the required infrastructure now can save you money in the future and lead to a more enjoyable experience living in your new home. Clients need not get hung up on which TV or Sound System is the best to install now, instead they need to get the wiring ready for all eventualities allowing for this decision to be made at the end of the project or even in the future.



Interior Designers

There are many products on the market now that can help achieve a seamless look in a professional designed interior. From Mirror TV’s to Automated Lighting and Blinds we have the product knowledge and services to help you achieve not only a beautifully designed interior but also one that utilises the latest technology.


Electrical Companies

Electrical Companies

As the people on site installing the cabling for other services, electricians are generally the people who get asked questions about the inclusion of other services; ones, which they might not be 100% clued up on. This is where we can help, with a simple phone call we can help determine what is needed and advise you on the best practices for the installation. At the end of the project we can assist in the final commissioning and programming.


No matter which professional trade you are from, why not take advantage of our Free RIBA & BIID Certified ‘Designing Integrated Future Ready Homes’ presentation. For more information please visit our blog.

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