Having a reliable a robust Network in your home is now just as important as mains electricity or running water. Generally, the free routers that are given to you as part of your service are built to achieve a price point, allowing the ISP to give them away as part of the service and recoup the cost quickly within your monthly fee.  Unfortunately, this leaves a compromised product that although works, could affect the quality of the service you receive around your property.

In many homes interference from other electrical devices and utility services such as under floor heating as well as improvements in efficient building materials like foil back plasterboard, can have a damaging effect on the wireless signals the ISP’s router will transmit.  As more and more portable devices are being introduced into the home, which require a network connection i.e. Phones, Smart Watches etc. we need to look at installing a managed wireless network to prevent poor signal quality and buffering on your devices.

By installing a planned and well-managed wired and wireless network you (and your devices) could reap the benefits for years to come.