Thanks to Multi Room Audio systems like Sonos and HEOS by Denon the market for multi room audio systems has quickly changed from a service of luxury to a service of necessity (especially for future home buyers).   Having the ability to stream music from the Internet and listen to Radio from across the world is now an everyday occurrence.  However, things may not be as simple as you think.

Portable versions of these systems may not offer the best solution for your home.  These solutions tend to still sit on a countertop like a conventional FM or DAB radio and take up valuable space or rely on wireless based communication methods which are prone to dropouts.

Wired solutions on the other hand have amplifiers that can be hidden in central location and connected to discreet speakers hidden around the house. These speakers could be situated in the ceiling, on the walls or hidden in the walls behind the finished decor.

This is where we can help, we can look at your requirements and plan your system around your usage and environment meaning you get all the benefits of this fantastic systems through a well-planned solution.