If you are in the position of embarking on a New Build or Renovation adding an Intelligent Lighting System to your project could pay dividends. There are a number of benefits you would achieve, such as:

  • Ease of control.  As well as installing stylish wall mounted switches the system can easily be incorporated into a Control System allowing for the commands to be sent out via the Handheld Controls.
  • Infrared PIR Sensors. In rooms like the Entrance Hall and the Bathroom we would install a PIR Sensor in the ceiling instead of a switch on the wall.  This will mean that the lights simply switch on when a person is ‘sensed’ and will automatically switch off when they leave.
  • Scenes can be programmed allowing you to instantly switch between modes with a simple press of one button, ‘Watching TV’ ‘Reading a Book’ etc.
  • Away / Holiday Modes can be programmed so when you leave the house you can simply press a button that will ‘Simulate Occupation’ to deter any burglar.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Simply using an Intelligent Lighting System in combination with LED light fixings will reduce your energy consumption.  In addition we can set up the system to run at a lower output, e.g. the human eye cannot tell the difference between an LED Blub running at 100% output or 80%, so with this in mind we can set each individual bulb to never output more than 80%, which will reduce the energy consumption.  Also using the PIR Sensors in some rooms instead of a switch will mean a light is never left switched on wasting energy.
  • Wall Acne. One of the worst things we see in new builds is the number of switches or sensors that are on the same wall in a room.  The Philips Antumbra Switches can also be used as a room’s thermostat meaning that one switch can control the lighting, heating and even the blinds / curtains if the correct wiring has been installed.  The Switches can also be engraved to your specification so you know exactly which button does which service.
  • Add buyer appeal to you home.  We are finding many buyers of new homes are asking for more integrated services like intelligent lighting & multi-room audio to be pre-installed on their next house purchase.