As a company, we like to be involved with our clients from start to finish covering every element, however we know that sometimes this is not possible. Some clients might have some of the services already built into a fixed fee solution with a building company and some clients might just want a ‘Digital Architect’ to design a system for them to see what is achievable in their property.

For these clients, we offer two services as part of a Design Package.  The idea behind the design package is to take our knowledge as an award-winning technology Integration Company, and make it easy for a homeowner, builder, developer, or electrician to understand how to install the first fix backbone of the system.

System Plans - We will produce a detailed set of plans highlighting the final locations of the services such as speakers, smart wall sockets, ELVHE location etc.  These locations will be overlaid digitally onto the architect’s drawings and supplied to you in a PDF format so they can be printed and distributed to the relevant parties involved.

Cabling Schedule – This document has been designed to be an easy reference tool to highlight the cabling structure required in the property.  This document can then be given to any contractor explaining the cabling needed in the property and where it needs to be run.  It also includes the unique codes to be put onto each cable so these are easily identified at second fix stage.  We will also include detailed documentation to offer advice on the recommended guidelines for installing low voltage cabling.

We would strongly recommend the design package to all our clients even if you intend to use us for every element of the project.

Design Package Prices

We charge a fee of £1,000.00 for standard sized projects and £1,500.00 for larger projects for our design package; this gives you all the documentation highlighted above as well as free aftercare advice via the telephone or video calls.  Please note: £500.00 of this fee will be credited back to you if you proceed with the work and contract us starting with the First Fix.

Detailed Designs / CAD Drawings

For larger projects or clients requiring bespoke solutions like a Private Home Cinema, it will be necessary for us to produce a series of CAD Drawing for the project to highlight the exact measurements and details needed to achieve a professional and seamless solution.  Prices for these services start from around £2,000 depending on the size of the project.

Examples of all our design services can be provided upon request.