Wiring Your New Build or Renovation

Using technology in the home is such an essential part of modern life that it pays to think of it as a utility. And, like every utility, technology demands a proper infrastructure within the home to ensure that services can be delivered efficiently and reliably.

So, what’s needed to deliver those core technology services that we rely on, typically, the internet, data, TV and communications, without the need for any additional wires, or having to spend time and extra money retrofitting cabling around the home, once the build has been completed?

Cable Infrastructure

A Grade 1 cabling infrastructure is the minimum requirement and involves installing a combination of twisted pair data cable (called Cat5e or Cat6a) in combination with TV & Satellite Coaxial cable (typically called CX100 or WF100) to most rooms in the house, excluding lavatories and bathrooms.

This will allow easy delivery of internet services, home networking, TV, satellite, radio, telephone, conferencing and other entertainment services to these rooms. Modern construction techniques are very unfriendly to high-speed wireless connections (Wi-Fi) and a cable infrastructure will allow the wireless equipment to be located in the best place for good signal strength and speed.

Grade 1 cables must all start from a single location

Known as the ELVHE (Extra Low Voltage Head End). All incoming services should be star wired back to this point. A simple wiring hub should also be supplied as part of the design and, in all instances, cables should be tested, certified, where applicable, and made live. Make sure there is a suitable mains power supply adjacent to any ELVHE equipment and outlets in remote rooms.

It’s important that you think about which services you wish to have in your home before the design and installation stage. This will help you to work out if what you want is achievable, with or without professional guidance. If in doubt, please contact us.

For more information download a free copy of the CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) Recommended Wiring Guidelines.

If you are an industry professional, you may be interested in our FREE CPD Course. For more information, please follow the link below

“Designing Integrated Future-Ready Home”

Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes

Just Add Popcorn work with specifiers and homeowners get the most from their living environment. Not too long ago a telephone point in the entrance hallway and a TV socket in the living room were about all people expected. Central heating was new to many and two-way switching for the stair lighting was seen as a nice touch. How times have changed!

This RIBABIID and RIAI Accredited CPD (Continuing Professional Development) will help you understand the basics, so you can talk intelligently with the client and the other members of the design team. It will show you what is possible, describe some alternatives and explain how to incorporate the various systems without detracting from your design. You’ll have a good grasp of modern best practice for low-voltage systems in the home, and feel more confident specifying these systems.

The CPD will help build your vocabulary and you should discover some simple tips to help you get it right. Most importantly you’ll know who to ask if you need help in a particular area – this guide provides points of contact for detailed support and further assistance.

If you are a Design Professional (Architect, Specifier, Developer, M&E or Interior Designer) and would like to request further information on RIBA & BIID CPD training then please call us.

Statistics gathered on a number of CPD courses held in 2016 to RIBA members showed;

100% of attends found the 1-hour presentation informative
100% of attends found the 1-hour presentation to be time well spent

The top three subject’s attendees found most interesting where;

  1. The Integration of structured cabling into projects
  2. The benefits of a well-designed wired and wireless data network
  3. The integration of equipment and service into a home control system

Over 80% of attendees would like to learn more about the Integrate structured cabling, with over 100% saying they would proactively incorporate it into future projects.

Attendees Comment;

Very informative and well presented
Good and informative
Useful and informative overview of current developments
Very useful to find out about the latest technologies

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